ScyllaDB: Cassandra compatibility at 1.8 million requests per node
Don Marti talks to us about ScyllaDB, a NoSQL database designed from the ground up to take advantage of multiple core systems and to provide very high performance.
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Couchbase CEO Bob Wiederhold offers insights into the rise of NoSQL and how it can be an ingredient for a company’s success.
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RethinkDB is an open source, scalable database designed from the ground up for the realtime web and a variety of applications which need near-instantaneous database communications.
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M Language and Databse
Join the M revolution and the next big thing in healthcare IT: the integration of the node.js programming language with the NoSQL hierarchical database, M. M was developed to organize and access with high efficiency the type of data that is typically managed in healthcare, thus making it uniquely... Read more
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teaching open source
Back in March of this year, the University of Albany Student Chapter of the American Society for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T) organized its second Open Source Festival. The event brought together enthusiasts of open source from industry, government, and academia in the New York... Read more
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A great deal of excitement is in the air, anticipating OSCON 2012. At the healthcare track, this year we will be sharing the latest news and upcoming plans for OSEHRA, the Open Source Electronic Health Records Agent. This young organization was set up last year by the US Department of Veterans... Read more
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Are you a geek? If so, driving the future of healthcare is now within your grasp. What do you have to do? Learn the M programming language, and teach it to others. What’s the M programming language? The M programming language is also known as MUMPS. Which stands for Massachusetts General Hospital... Read more
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