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There's a growing movement for governments and other organizations to make public information freely viewable and usable without controls or copyrights. Learn the latest news and trends on open data.

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Learn how the Resiliency Maps project helps people navigate and build resilient communities.
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Open Data Day is March 3. Learn how to bring open data awareness to your local community any time of year.
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Regulations including GDPR notwithstanding, data privacy is something that's important for pretty much everybody.
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What are the practical ramifications of city leadership, data standards, and data sharing across the country?
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After the closure of Sunlight Labs, the Open States project is heading in a new direction.
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Government agencies have collections of data on everything from census demographics to toilet locations.
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The government of Chile recently approved the Ministry of Energy's New Energy Policy 2050. This...
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In The Open Patient: Healing through sharing, a new documentary from Red Hat Videos, Steven Keating...