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A new skepticism on open data?

Venn diagram of data types
Resistance to open data is much older than the concept of open data itself. Those who control—and/or benefit from the control of—data have...Read more

UPDATE: Colorado is coding for their community

Code for Communities
UPDATE: Six mobile applications have been selected for teams to work on. Each app targets a different facet of the community where there is an...Read more

Scout: Sending you updates about government activity

Transparency in government
Recently, I created and launched a new website for the Sunlight Foundation called Scout . It's the product I'm the most proud of building in my three...Read more

HuffPost releases Pollster, an open source API for managing election polling, fostering transparency

In case you haven't noticed, it's an election year in the United States. And with the election in full swing, there is a plethora of data, from a...Read more

The Open Source Initiative: Add your voice

Tell me more
One of my personal open source community highlights this year was joining the Open Source Initiative (OSI) board. I first discovered OSI in 2003 when...Read more

PolitwOOPs! Deleted tweets from politicians never die

Donkey elephant oops
A brief tweet from Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) recently invited you to see her newly-decorated apartment and head-to-toe fashions. The problem? It...Read more

What open source can teach government officials

What open source can teach government officials
What started with a unanimous vote to adopt an open source resolution eventually became a long-term commitment to the open source way. How many of...Read more

A look inside Code for America

A look inside Code for America
Last week while I was in San Francisco for the Open Source Business Conference I stopped by to visit Code for America. I arranged some office time a...Read more