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The Open Organization Guide for Educators

As students head back to school, this community-produced volume in the Open Organization book series offers instructions of building more open learning contexts.
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An open approach to training the next generation of cybersecurity experts can fully equip them to combat a constantly shifting threat landscape.
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"Open education" means more than teaching with open source software. It means being open to meeting students wherever they are.
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Building classrooms that function as open organizations requires more than software.
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Developing socially responsible approaches to artificial intelligence requires transparent and inclusive education about algorithmic systems.
The Open Organization book cover

The next volume in the Open Organization book series will help readers re-imagine our classrooms, departments, and schools.
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Just as computer languages shape our models, our choice of spoken languages impacts research and pedagogy. Do scholars need an open human language, too?
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We certainly don't need to run our schools like businesses—but we could benefit from educational organizations more focused on continuous improvement.