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Nothing To Hide: An anti-stealth game in which you are your own watchdog

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Nothing To Hide is an "anti-stealth game," in which you must carry cameras and spy gear to live in a world of self-surveillance and self-censorship. A world where you're made to be your own watchdog. Released for The Day We Fight Back, the game is now seeking crowdfunding to complete the open source game—10% of what's raised will first go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Demand Progress, and the Freedom of the Press Foundation. » Read more

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Open source game, [d0x3d!], teaches security concepts and is fun to play

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Inspired by Forbidden Island, [d0x3d!] is a board game designed for informal security education and released under an open source license.

This is an incredibly fun game and invaluable teaching tool that proactively teaches network integrity and the security of information. It requires only a small number of people, and packs a powerful lesson—internet security. People tend to learn better when shown by example, and it’s proven that a real hands on approach can have a more lasting impression.

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