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Why project managers need to lose control

Software-driven projects are rarely predictable—so project managers should loosen up and become more agile, says Jason Coghlan.Read more

How community building can help an organization's bottom line

Measuring the ROI on "community" is no easy task, but there are plenty of practical business reasons why an organization might consider supporting...Read more

6 steps to running the perfect 30-minute meeting

6 steps to running the perfect 30-minute meeting
A few weeks ago, I read Jim Whitehurst's call to ban the one-hour meeting in the Time article 25 Daily Habits That Will Make You More Successful ...Read more

Want to change your company? Go viral

Want to change your company? Go viral
Scott Keller contributed to this article. You've begun to make major changes at your company. Maybe you've decided to restructure your business to...Read more

What is organizational health?

We're at the end of an eight-year period, which was marked in the beginning by the demise of Enron and marked at the end by the demise of Lehman...Read more

Building a positive meritocracy: It's harder than it sounds

When Michael Young coined the word in 1958, he never thought that meritocracy would be idealized 50-some year later. Young's book, The Rise of the...Read more

Is your culture made of gold or fool's gold?

When I hear people talk about how awesome their organizational culture is, I often find myself wondering what sort of “great” culture it is. For me,...Read more