OSCON celebrates, explains, and demonstrates the power of open source technologies from the inception of languages and frameworks up through their use in the enterprise. We invite you to join us as we bring together a large community of contributors, learners, and users.

A community building a barn

How do you build community while also meeting the needs of an organization? These three steps can help.

Learn a few tips for moving into a new technical culture.
Penguin driving a car with a yellow background

Hobbyists create an autonomous robotic car using Java, Raspberry Pi, machine learning, microservices, and more.
arrows cycle symbol for failing faster

Learn about these open source tools to accelerate artificial intelligence development and interoperability.
Hands holding a mobile phone with open on the screen

Open source mobile SDK simplifies and speeds iOS and Android app development.
Lightning in a bottle

Contract testing with the OpenAPI Specification assists in creating an accurate API implementation.
Toolbox drawing of a container

From open data to open event streams, learn more about the MQTT publish/subscribe (pubsub) wire protocol.
Hands programming

Enter the weird, wondrous world of Bash arrays.