OSCON celebrates, explains, and demonstrates the power of open source technologies from the inception of languages and frameworks up through their use in the enterprise. We invite you to join us as we bring together a large community of contributors, learners, and users.

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Pony, a sort of "Rust meets Erlang," makes it easier to develop fast, safe, efficient, and highly concurrent programs.
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A stepwise approach to documentation that hooks people, gets them up and running, and turns them into confident users.
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White House senior advisor Alvand Salehi explains at OSCON why the federal government's support of open source is "here to stay."
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Puppet Labs software engineer shares how to become a contributor to open source projects.
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Tips and tools for building and nurturing open source contributors, maintainers, and supporters, from someone who's been there.
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A software engineer at Google working on the Go programming language keynotes at OSCON this year.
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How did Netflix's in-house engineers adapt to the sea change inherent in open source collaboration?
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Even small changes can make a big difference in your ability to craft software that has an extremely powerful and positive impact on people's lives.