Cory Doctorow on the real-world dangers of DRM
Cory Doctorow gave a fast-paced keynote at OSCON 2016 this year that served as a warning message against DRM.
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A 5-step process for hiring tech talent
Bitnami cofounder and COO, Erica Brescia says hiring good engineers is difficult in her OSCON 2016 keynote.
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Computer science professor on the changing face of tech
Dr. Kyla McMullen was the first African-American woman to graduate with a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan—in 2012.
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Takeaways from Docker's Solomon Hykes' keynote at OSCON
In the opening OSCON keynote this morning, the founder of Docker, Solomon Hykes, gave us a fantastic birds-eye view of lessons learned from the "firehose" while building a successful open source project.
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Twitter birds
I went down the OSCON speakers on Twitter rabbit hole so you don't have to, and I collected a list of 174 people to follow. (It's a really, really deep rabbit hole, folks.)
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An introduction to data processing with Cassandra and Spark
Dani and Jon will give a three hour tutorial at OSCON this year called: Becoming friends with Cassandra and Spark
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OSCON interview with Donna Benjamin and Leslie Hawthorn
When it comes to community, users and developers need to meet in the middle.
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OSCON interview with Andreia Gaita
GitHub's Andreia Gaita shares what she's learned in her 16 years as a cross-platform developer and more ahead of her talk at OSCON in Austin, Texas.
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OSCON interview with Brian Holt
User interface engineer Brian Holt talks about the advantages of React ahead of his talk at OSCON in Austin, Texas.
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Contributing to open source software with Ian Varley of Salesforce
OSCON speaker Ian Varley talks about the nuances and effects of open source culture.
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