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Working from home at a laptop

Stay flexible, embrace change, and think of the transition to your home office as an opportunity to create a healthier WFH experience.
Oatmeal and a laptop.

Whether you're a WFH veteran or a remote work newbie, these tools make communication and collaboration a snap.
markers for a whiteboard

Need to whiteboard or draw something with others? Give Drawpile a try.
Woman sitting in front of her computer

Whether you are new to working remotely or are a seasoned veteran, here are tips to improve the experience.
open source button on keyboard

Communicate without compromising your open source ethos with these alternatives to proprietary web conferencing software.
open source button on keyboard

When it comes to chat, there are plenty of open source options.
World locations with red dots with a sun burst background

Learn to let go and let your team shine with these simple steps.
Coding on a computer

These rules don't describe my complete practice, but they are an important summary of what I try to do and what keeps me (relatively) sane.