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a checklist for a team

HackMD is a Markdown editor that also allows people to share, comment, and collaborate on documents.
Analytics: Charts and Graphs

Once you have Elasticsearch installed, the Kibana plugin adds visualization to this powerful search tool.
magnifying glass on computer screen

Installing Elasticsearch is complex! Here's how to do it on a Mac.
web development and design, desktop and browser

Chrome and Firefox are on the list, but you'll find some other interesting options, too.
Several images of graphs.

These open source tools will help you feel confident in your infrastructure's performance as it scales up.
Cloud image on top of a planner

Increase Nextcloud's value by turning it into an on-the-go information hub.
A person programming

Living that plaintext life? Here's how to create the word processor documents people ask for without having to work in a word processor yourself.
Browser of things

Get the versatility and freedom to deliver content however you think is best.