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Several houses

Try out furniture layouts, color schemes, and more in virtual reality before you go shopping in the real world.
An intersection of pipes.

DevSecOps evolves DevOps to ensure security remains an essential part of the process.

Become a copy and paste power user by using a Linux clipboard manager.
A person writing.

Ever wonder where the names of your favorite open source projects or programming languages came from? Get the origin stories behind popular tech nomenclature from A to Z.
Bug tracking magnifying glass on computer screen

Learn how to use some of the lesser-known features of gdb to inspect and fix your code.
Coding on a computer

Access your Android device from your PC with this open source application based on scrcpy.
Someone wearing a hardhat and carrying code

Expand Z-shell's capabilities with themes and plugins installed with Oh My Zsh.
A person programming

Virt-manager provides a full range of options for spinning up virtual machines on Linux.