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A person programming

Virt-manager provides a full range of options for spinning up virtual machines on Linux.
Chain image

Hyperledger is a set of open source tools aiming to build a robust, business-driven blockchain framework.
video editing dashboard

GNOME's built-in screen-recording feature allows you to make a video of what's on your desktop with ease, comfort, and control.
Files in a folder

mdp, tpp, and sent may not win you any design awards, but they'll give you basic slides that you can run from a terminal.
a checklist for a team

HackMD is a Markdown editor that also allows people to share, comment, and collaborate on documents.
Analytics: Charts and Graphs

Once you have Elasticsearch installed, the Kibana plugin adds visualization to this powerful search tool.
magnifying glass on computer screen

Installing Elasticsearch is complex! Here's how to do it on a Mac.
web development and design, desktop and browser

Chrome and Firefox are on the list, but you'll find some other interesting options, too.