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scientific calculator

Keep track of your spending and saving with Terminal Finances.
Working from home at a laptop

Zint makes it easy to generate more than 50 types of custom barcodes.
Working from home at a laptop

Organizing notes across multiple written and digital platforms is a serious challenge. Here's a tip to organize your notes better and find what you need quickly.
Working on a team, busy worklife

Easy!Appointments is an open source appointment scheduler filled with features to make planning your day easier.
Note taking hand writing

Journaling has a long history. Here are three open source tools to help make your journaling life a little easier.
Working on a team, busy worklife

Streamline your agile workflow and increase your productivity.
Ceramic mug of tea or coffee with flowers and a book in front of a window

Super Productivity empowers its users to adopt a healthy work-life balance so they can get more done.
Coffee and laptop

MacPorts is an easy way to get open source applications and keep them updated on macOS.