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Team checklist

TiDB, an open source-compatible, cloud-based database engine, simplifies many of MySQL database administrators' common tasks.
Chat bubbles

Take a look at a dozen options for your next NLP application.

This article includes six open source productivity tools.
Team communication, chat

Keep in touch with far-flung family, friends, and colleagues without sacrificing your privacy.
Houses in a row

Interior design application makes it easy to render your favorite house—real or imaginary.
computer servers processing data

Readers suggest more than a dozen of their favorite solutions for protecting data.
a big flag flying in a sea of other flags, teamwork

WriteFreely is an open source, federated blogging platform that enables you to set the tone and rules for your online community.
secure your systems

See how Git-crypt, BlackBox, SOPS, and Transcrypt stack up for storing secrets in Git.