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MacPorts is an easy way to get open source applications and keep them updated on macOS.
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Increase your productivity inside and outside the terminal by keeping these tools in your own bag of tricks.
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There are plenty of open source operations tools available if you lack the budget for premium software; here's how to evaluate your options.
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Use iTerm2, Oh My Zsh, and Powerlevel10k to create a terminal built for productivity.
woman on laptop sitting at the window

Concentration offers a quick way to filter out distractions and focus on coding.
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The open source cloud collaboration suite has made major gains in recent years. Take a look at what you've missed.
Digital images of a computer desktop

Taking a closer look at web images isn't always straightforward, but Hover Zoom+ makes it as easy as a slide of your mouse.
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Try some of these open source tools. Get more done.