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Digital images of a computer desktop

Taking a closer look at web images isn't always straightforward, but Hover Zoom+ makes it as easy as a slide of your mouse.
Computer screen with files or windows open

Try some of these open source tools. Get more done.
a checklist for a team

Love lists? Check out this handy list of open source apps for managing all your lists!
Calendar close up snapshot

Need to keep your schedule straight? Learn how to do it using open source with these free...
Team communication, chat

Take a look at the Free Software Foundation's recommended communications tools that respect your freedom, privacy, and security.
Tux with binary code background

These simple commands and tools can help you sail through the task of analyzing binary files.
Painting art on a computer screen

Get started with this open source image editing tool to save time and space.
Browser of things

Three open source ad blockers were tested against a "no ad blocker" control.