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Vim is one of the most popular open source text editing applications. Whether you're a long-time fan or a new user, get tips, tricks, plugins and more to make better use of this venerable software.

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This editor may be reminiscent of Vim, but it offers plenty of its own unique functions and features.
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Vi is the quintessential Unix text editor. Get to know it—or any of its incarnations, Vim, Neovim, gVim, nvi, or Elvis, for Linux, macOS, Windows, or BSD.
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The Vim text editor is a great development environment for programming Rust applications.
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Kick your text editor up a notch with a few fun tricks.
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Whether you install them manually or with a package manager, plugins can help you create the perfect Vim for your workflow.
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Handle your to-do list and get social from the text editor in the seventeenth in our series on 20 ways to be more productive with open source in 2020.
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Manage your email and calendar right from your text editor in the sixteenth in our series on 20 ways to be more productive with open source in 2020.
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Spacemacs offers all the power of Emacs combined with the keystroke commands and functionality you are used to in Vim.