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Work from home (WFH) covers topics related to or focused on being a remote employee. We are especially interested in tips and open source tools to be effective. Opinions on remote work, asynchronous communication, telecommuting, and other related terminology is welcome as well. 

Working from home at a laptop

Shifting from IRL to digital on a tight timeline with the help of free software; how we did it and lessons learned for next time.
Person using a laptop

Members of the team stress-test five open source video-conferencing applications so you don't have to.
Team communication, chat

Take a look at the Free Software Foundation's recommended communications tools that respect your freedom, privacy, and security.
Woman programming

Mumble is a small, efficient, low-latency voice chat application. Give it a try the next time you need to avoid a video chat.
An old-fashioned video camera

If you have something to say, a skill to teach, or just something fun to share, broadcast it to the world with OBS.
Wide open sky and trees

Staying in your house is no longer optional for many of us; try these tips and open source tools for adjusting to your new required routine.
Chat bubbles

Collaborating remotely is an essential capability now, making open source real-time chat an essential piece of your toolbox.
Oatmeal and a laptop.

WFH newbs and veterans alike have to adjust to self-quarantine; here's how to maintain some balance.