Stephen Adams

Authored Comments

For the past two months or so, Solus 3 for me. I actually LIKE the limited number of packages in the repo as it means the core contributors are really focused on the latest stable core packages that have made this distro so easy to use. Keep up the good work Ikey and team. :)

Previously I had used KDE Neon but being based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS it was not up-to-date enough to smoothly handle my GPU (AMD Radeon RX-480), even with the HWE active. In order to get the best performance from my GPU I had to activate a couple of third-party repos to supply the most stable Mesa and kernels, but then doing so caused a few glitches and system lock-ups with KDE Neon. Also, the fact that Qt still does not have a way of "printing" a file to a searchable PDF document ended up being a dead-stop for me. Installing GTK-based apps just so I had this feature also introduced some quirks to the KDE Neon system.

Overall, Solus 3 was what I needed and looking for. I have no complaints since installing it. For those who are looking for a desktop experience that just works with the latest stable Mesa, Kernels, and other core packages without having to worry about configuring anything, this is a really nice distro.

I would suggest that for Windows or macOS exiles new into the linux eperience, Solus 3 is a probably (IMO) the easiest distro for them to use.