Andy Grover

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Andy Grover
Portland, Oregon, USA

Andy Grover is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, working to improve Linux’s block storage capabilities. His work encompasses both changes to the kernel itself as well as low-level management tools. Previous work areas include networking and ACPI. He lives in Portland.

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Hi John,

Filesystems are resized automatically. RAID and mirroring won't be supported in version 1.0, much less conversion, so can't say when/if that'll be supported. We haven't done much performance analysis yet. What sort of failures? We do plan on supporting integrity by using the dm-integrity target, this is also part of the post-1.0 plan.

But yeah. there are a lot of questions to be answered, even if right now the answer is not yet known! I'll look at starting a FAQ page.

atop is another alternative, it gives more of a whole-system view.