Andrew Heath

Authored Comments

With reference to a static external IP, I use the free service provided by No-IP to have a domain name pointing to my dynamic IP address at home. I have a daemon running on my router that periodically updates the A record of the domain name so I can access my home network via a known entity. DuckDNS and others are also available. I do it this was as my ISP charges extra for a static address.

1. ".....and this button submits our code to the developers for inclusion in the next build!"

2. "By contributing to the Open Source community, we are helping everyone!"

3. "With this Open Source tool, you can do alot more than with anything else on the market and even share it with your friends!"

4. "With closed source it's called stealing. But with Open Source, it's called sharing!"

5. "Sharing is Caring!!"

6. "By sharing the code, everyone can afford it!"

7. "...and that's how you modify the desktop UI yourself in your own shade of Aqua"

8. "Does anyone else want to email Linus their love letters?"

9. "And there's a photo of me hugging Richard Stallman after he sighned my Bonobo Extreme"

10. "Gather 'round kids. Here's another Youtube video of Linus telling someone to pull their head in!"