Authored Comments

when the govt hasn't enough support using their citizen.....as well as for which i imply citizenship or sense of owned by a place...

it's not only an action/reaction problem fixing
it is about 'morale'.....i mean at <a href="http://bit.ly/gw9Ehp">Quick weight loss</a> big, the love of the living place we are in.....
but not all of the guys are having this, and just becoming faint hearted

thus this openness will just inform the citizen going to consider that shxt although not getting any reward
and also the industrial is already outta difficulty

consequently, that shows only poor govt mgmt

this teaches, when you want some thing, you'd better provide beforehand

just my small 2%, does not mean any harm to anything.....
just to assist maintain up our morale shape....not just shxt bearing