Authored Comments

PROJEQTOR is direct competitor to REDMINE, targeting to integrate all features usefull for project management, and not only bug tracking.
More easy to setup than REDMINE, even more complete, its great interest in bug tracking is :
- possibility to follow-up time spent on tickets
- possibility to copy a ticket into another object, for intance an activity that will be integrated in planning
- possibility to link ticket with any other object : document, risk, meeting, ...
Worth a try.

Glad to see that Tuleap entered the Top five. It's really interesting and really Open Source (in the talk and in the being). But to my point of view, it is not a Project Management Software, even though it can be integrated in Project Management process. It is an ALM (Aplication Lifecycle Management) not a PM software.

Also Odoo is an ERP. It is a very good ERP, and really Open Source, but the Project Management part of Odoo is very poor. It is really NOT a Project Management Sorftware.
You could in the same way have place Dolibarr : also an ERP withh (poop) Project Management module.

I find it'a a pitty not to find to 3 of Project Management in SourceForge :
- ]project-open[
- Ganib (but the position as Open Source is not cear with this one)
- ProjeQtOr

Also, for all those who look for comparision of Project Management software, my advise is to have a look at
The way to evaluate softwares is really good and pragmatic, and they publish their method, so that you can use it to evaluate tools (unfortunately they applied their method only to three tools)

Hope this comment may help people looking for project managemebt software.