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Editor, writer, and developer. I wear many hats, including the red one. Graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill School of Journalism; long-time interest in all things geeky. Editor of Red Hat Magazine and grizzled industry veteran, including time as an archivist for SunSITE UNC (now and ten-plus years at my current gig. I love:

  • vidya games and other dubious online experiences (Second Life, WoW, DDO, Rift--started out with Zork, IRC, and old-school BBS and MUDD/MOO/etc. groupings... old school nerd!)
  • cooking, crafting, and creativity
  • smart people
  • openness, transparency, honesty, and trust
  • coffee in all its delicious forms

I loathe:

  • giving the web a version number
  • social media "experts" (who send me spam)
  • proprietary thinking about thoughts and ideas
  • soggy cake or bread
  • greed, selfishness, and a lack of humility

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Authored Comments

Do you mean Antitrust? I seem to remember some hubbub about GNOME and KDE desktops in it, and a brief search of the internets provides this thread:

Someone down the thread posted an image of the scene with the red fedora (it does look a little like ours...):

With a naked ping, I generally assume the priority is low. If it was important, the ping would bother to get dressed before showing up at my door.