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I'd highly suggest checking out https://xcp-ng.org/ for your virtualization server. It's the open source version of Xen Server. I've been running it for well over a year in my home lab with a dozen or two VMs (varies as I tinker) and it's been rock solid. There is also a great community around it as well.

Like several others here, I have to use Windows at work as we are an old school "Windows shop". A few Linux servers are making it into the data center, but they are few & far between for now. However, we do have a BYOD policy so I have my KDE Neon laptop with me whenever I'm not at my desk.

I've ran some form of Linux system as a server since the late 90's but only dabbled with it as a desktop here and there. Earlier this year, I took the plunge & am running Linux exclusively on all my personal machines (other than a pfSense firewall & FreeNAS storage server).

Now if I can just find a company to work for that will let me have a Linux desktop there too... anybody hiring? :)