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Thanks for the article. What is this immune reaction to standards mentioned in? Any abuse of the term?

Thanks for the article Ruth. There is a lot of room in those technology projects for the human side of what is being worked on. I always stress to make communication human readable. It is mind-blowing how many project website do not explain what the project is about or kinda assume the obviousness. I also see that the inherent tech aspect of these projects, especially in the development phase do not have any room for that kind of communication. As community strategist I see there is a big responsibility for community managers to integrate marketing skills into the job, like Jono Bacon mentioned in his earlier article about the spider and the starfish (

Another thing that I think is very important is that we need to be aware the gap between humans and technology is getting larger everyday. Only in communicating clearly and in a human way from the very beginning can we keep connect the two in a meaningful way and keep technology sane and beneficial in supporting mankind.