Authored Comments

I do agree that this is amazing and fair, for so many who were less educated.
I am a Linux sysadmin from France, so I am thrilled by this.
But we should not forget that tablets, and all our IT devices, are pretty fragile; having our whole society depend on them means that we should harden the whole set of means thanks to which they are available, across generations : it is not as if we had to teach our children how to make paper and pencils : we have to teach them how to make tablets : and how to teach our grandchildren to make tablets : so I would say, quickly :
- know where to find rare earth elements and how to run a mining industry
- learn sciences, so they keep being able to built the hardware (electronic,optronic components, etc) and the software
- know how to run factories, industries ...
- be careful about transportations : what if a major disaster (natural or man-made) strikes us hard ? writing with dust or some soft material on some surface will always be possible : but tablets ?

So : my opinion is that : yes, this is amazing and wonderful : but fragile : we must harden the means thanks to which we have these devices, this is part of having and using them. And possibly, not to forget how to use low-tech devices, so that we have failsafes. Just in case.