Brandon J. Van Every

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But efficiency of a market is not the only argument to be made. Social equity is another argument. Walmart is a *very* efficient market. It also busts unions and some of its workers have recently gone on strike anyways. It serves up poisoned pet food fairly regularly due to their supplier relations in China. Large corporations with big portfolios, small inventers trying to keep larger outfits from ripping them off, and patent trolls are all part of the patent market. They are not all equivalent cases and equity to small patent inventors needs to be considered.

Open source desktop manager developers are "chasing money" without having a clear idea or strategy of what money they're chasing. It's a bunch of me too, I wanna be like Apple. Nevermind that Apple is a walled garden ecology, antithetical to much of the value of open source. A Linux game developer doesn't look at UI bloat the same way as an office app developer. And the game developers split on what kind of games they want to develop, whether more casual or more hardcore.