Jean-Sébastien Tougne

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Jean-Sébastien is an international professional with a past full of experiences and a future full of opportunities. Not very good at writing "about me" pages, he much prefers acquiring technical knowledge and sharing it with others.

Sharing his not-so-secret recipe for his own career, so far:

- Put a few years of technical support and field engineering in the oil & gas industry.

- Add almost a decade in Digital Television and Cyber Security, as an engineer with multi-hats.

- Combine his passion for Linux, Android, Windows, Raspberry Pies, or anything remotely technical with the business' needs. 

- Sprinkle some specialisation in Cloud, Automation.

- Finally, add a drop of getting results, and perfectionism and you get a solid consultant.

He joined as an author, to give back to the people from communities who are now important part of his life.


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