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Spokane, WA

Carla Schroder is a self-taught computer nerd who laid hands on her first computer around her 37th birthday. She is the author of the Linux Cookbook, Linux Networking Cookbook, the Book of Audacity, hundreds of Linux how-tos for various publications, and was the senior managing editor of Linux Today and Linux Planet. Now she copy edits for, tenderly placing apostrophes in the correct places and enjoying all of the great articles. Carla is proof that you're never too old to try something new, computers are a heck of a lot of fun, and anyone can learn to do anything.

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I remember Gateway computers. They were good. They had actual stores with people who knew stuff. Things sure changed fast!

Hi Steven, I'm still upright and breathing. After LT I freelanced, then went to work for ownCloud, and now I'm freelancing again. You can always find me on linux dot com; they exert a magnetic pull I cannot resist. In between nerding I'm a farmer.