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Carlo Piana is a lawyer by training and a Free Software advocate. A qualified attorney in Italy, Piana has been practicing IT law since 1995, focusing his practice on software, technology, standardization, data protection and digital liberties in general, and serves as external General Counsel to the Free Software Foundation Europe ("FSFE"). Piana has been involved in some of the cornerstone legal cases in Europe, such as the long-running antitrust battle between the EU Commission and Microsoft where he represented both the FSFE and the Samba Team. Piana is a member of the Editorial Committee of the International Free and Open Source Software Law Review ("IFOSS L. rev.") and is president of the board of directors of the Protocol Freedom Information Foundation. In 2008 he has established a free lance consulting practice on IT law, from where he leads a small group of IT lawyers named Array [].

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There are so many millions Cyanogenmod aroud. I have installed it on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus, even rooted it. Brought to repair, it was serviced.

Anyhow, the point here is not that the user can meddle with their phone, it's about any OEM being able to take Android and fork it into a different product. Amazon has done it. Google was not pleased, but could not do anything to stop it.

I also come from an OS/2 Warp (and MS-DOS earlier) background. Started trying a Red Hat of sorts around 1998 and then got serious in 2000 with a Mandrake. Then moved to Suse (6-something), then Ubuntu when Novell sold its soul to Microsoft, leaving us out in the cold in the Microsoft v. Commission litigation. Started managing a Debian as an Internet server around 2005. Still have Ubuntu everywhere and beyond, including in my last (not latest, last) Apple purchase, an iMac 22", now 4 years old I think.