My name is Carrie and I am the co-founder of Flint Innovations Limited, a UK/China based technology start-up. We built Flint OS - a simple, secure, fast and productive operating system. Based on the open-source Chromium Project that also powers the well-known Google Chromebooks. Flint OS inherits most of the benefits that Chromebooks have but also bundled with our enhancements and new features. We have made Flint OS run on a wider range of hardware platforms ranging from x86 PCs and ARM based single board computers, providing endless of possibilities and potentials of how Flint OS can be used and applied.
After lots of requests we have taken the time to clean up our Pi build system and code base, so we can create a public Github for our Raspberry Pi images. By creating our public github we are hopefully making it easier to respond to issues and collaborate with the community.

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A person holding on to clouds that look like balloons

This Chromium OS-based operating system is designed for the rapidly emerging era when all apps and services will live in the cloud.