Chris Moller

Authored Comments

GIMP is my go-to for image creation/editing.

My first language was APL, in my first year as an undergrad in 1971, chosen because the only available alternative was PL/C (Cornell's fork of PL/1) that involved punch cards and waiting for the hourly "batch run." Didn't have time for that.

What happened after that? I got a job with IBM, first as part of a processor development team that had nothing to do with programming, and then, several years later, in their research division where it turned out that simulating things was cheaper and faster than building and refining prototypes, especially when designing VLSI. Did that for 30+ years in various companies and then retired about a decade ago.

I still write code for the fun of it--mostly, going back to my roots, things like visualisation and productivity enhancements for GNU APL.