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The MintyBoost kit looks awesome. That is a really cool use of an Altoids tin. :)

This is a really interesting topic and somewhat polarizing.

Personally, I find that too many times the "best places to work" more resemble "best places to retire." Benefits heavy, work light, challenge somewhat non-existant.

Free candies, on-campus perks and other fluffy benefits alone don't tend to keep the top performers very long. Not being able to do great work or make an impact will lead to a quick burnout for many.

Scott Heiferman, Co-Founder of Meetup, summed it up quite nicely at Mashable Connect. This stuck with me.

<em>"If you don't work for a brand that people will self-organize meetups about, you should quit your job."</em>

I've yet to see a major focus on external impact and customer / potential customer experience. A workplace that has the ability to influence and impact others holds a high value in my book.

I strongly agree with <strong>Drew</strong> as well, management makes a big difference and can sway things in either direction.

Great post!