Devin Bess

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Greensboro, NC

Devin Bess | Information Technology student at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro NC. I am a native of Charlotte North Carolina, as a young kid I was mechcanical, I would take things apart just to see the components that work together to produce functionality. From simple things like an ink pen, to a Desktop computer. I've always had a passion for technology, on both the hardware and software side. My uncle really sparked my interest when he showed me how to build my first computer. I interned with Red Hat this past summer in the GSS department. My role was a front-line TSE, where I handled cases for customers like Cisco, IBM, and HP. My internship at Red Hat, really helped me understand the meaning of Opensource, and how collaboration is very imperative to sustain new or improved innovations in technology today. When I am not troubleshooting hardware, or programming, I workout, run about 3.1 miles sometimes, and play the drums.

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