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North Wales, UK

Dave McKay first used computers in industry when punched paper tape was in vogue and he has been programming ever since. His use of computers pre-dates the birth of the PC and the public release of Unix. He has programmed in everything from 6502 assembly to Lisp, and from Forth to C#.

Don't let his six years at two different Universities fool you. He isn't a theoretical academic sheltered from the stark realities of the modern digital world. He has over 30 years of front-line experience working with IT in demanding business and industrial settings. His first IT technology article was published in Personal Computer World in 1985.

Dave has worked as a freelance programmer, manager of an international software development team, and an IT services project manager. Latterly he was the Data Protection Officer for a managed services provider, responsible for the data protection and regulatory compliance of businesses ranging in size from tens of users up to multiple thousands of users.

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cd <enter> takes you back to your home directory, too.

Doh, didn't read the comment above!