David C.

Authored Comments

I always recommend that people add the following to their ~/.gitconfig file:

conflictstyle = diff3

With this in place, when there are conflicts, you won't just see the two sources (your text and the conflicting text from the file being merged in), but you'll also see a block of text representing the common-ancestor text for the region in conflict.

This often provides very useful information to help resolve the conflict.

There are much bigger differences than syntax between "apt" and "apt-get".

"apt" is designed for use on interactive sessions - like typing the command into a terminal. It provides good looking progress bars and other similar features. But it is bad for scripting - all that eye candy gets in the way.

"apt-get", on the other hand, eliminates much of that. The output it provides much more easily flows into log files and is therefore more useful for use within batch scripts and automation.