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Didi was a developer for a short period of 2 years before deciding he actually wants to be a system administrator, as which he then spent more than 15 years. Then he decided to cross the lines again and is now a developer in Red Hat, working on the oVirt project in the integration development team.

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You might want to read "The Story of the PING Program" [1], written by ping's author, Mike Muuss [2]. It's inaccessible right now, but can be found on the Internet Archive [3].


You might want to also check the module 'simplejson'. They used to be identical, but json is built into the standard library whereas simplejson is maintained outside it, so they now differ. If you search the net about them, you happen to find many comparisons that address speed (some versions of one are faster/slower than some versions of the other in some operations, etc.). A particular consideration for me was that simplejson supported more types, for me these were Decimal [1] and datetime [2]. Since I didn't want to rely on an external library, which (also) was not built into EL7, I decided to use json, and had to patch my code [1][2] to handle them manually. No idea what's the current status in both' latest versions (latest json in python3 vs latest simplejson), but I guess they still differ in that respect. So if you intend to use them with non-trivial data (e.g. that you get from a complex db schema), do check and compare both, and then decide which one to use. Hope this helps,