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Budapest, Hungary

Dori is a self-taught software developer with a background in philosophy and psychology, and an organizer of Django Girls Budapest. <3 Python&Django!

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Glad you liked the post! I organized the first workshop with Anna from Germany whom I met at the world's very first Django Girls workshop in Berlin. As she wasn't living in Budapest she could only help with contacting sponsors, and keeping in touch with coaches and attendees via email (which was a really big part of the tasks to be honest), and I did all the local stuff like look for a venue, find companies for making the swag, providing food and the like. It was pretty hard because I had absolutely no experience in organizing events, but Django Girls has an excellent manual for organizers: I also had a lot of help and advice from friends who have organized tech events before in Budapest.
Szilvi, one of the current organizers participated in this first workshop, and continued learning to code afterwards. She offered her help with organizing and I was happy to accept it because I realized I needed more people and Anna got busy with other things so she couldn't help me anymore. (Szilvi became a full-time software developer since and I'm very proud of her!) We organized the second workshop together with another Anna, who also attended our first DG.
Before the third workshop we met Daniella at another beginner coding and she joined our team too. She also became a junior dev since then :)
Now we're organizing the 4th workshop (it's happening in a few days!) and I feel we're doing really good. We're spending the last weekend before the event pretty chill, knowing that we've taken care of everything in time. So our best practices are definitely working!
About the attendees: we usually just post on Facebook and Twitter and the word spreads. But Django Girls Budapest has already got some media attention since it started - we were featured in several articles about women in tech. We usually get 4-5 times as many applications as the available spots at the workshop.
Let me know if you're curious about anything else!