Authored Comments

Keyboards are very personal, a bit like a saddle or a pair of shoes. It doesn't matter how good something is if it's not for you. It's interesting to see how few of the keyboards on this list aren't from the expensive list or the famous ones, and how popular spilt keyboards are.

From my perspective all the keyboards here are of the physical ANSI layout (US-QWERTY) and I'm used to ISO layout (QWERTY-UK) and find all the useful keys on the ANSI are in the wrong place - again a very personal use pattern.

I'm currently using a Filco TKL (no num key pad) with Chery MX Brown keys, rather nice I find.

I always use the CapsLock as a compose key as CapsLock is otherwise highly annoying...

Most European keyboards have the € already on them so no special key required for that. Also many keyboards are localised so that letters commonly used in that country have the required characters available, the £ on a British one for example and the various accented characters on differing other layouts*.

However, knowing how this works is most useful when you are using a keyboard foreign to what you are trying to type...!

* Don't look at the AZERTY keyboard if you want to remain sane...!