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For me I use fixed-pitched fonts all day long. For programming in an editor/IDE or on the Linux console, so I care about them a lot.

First of all I want the zero to be marked, I prefer it to be slashed but a dot will do. Un marked zeros rule out quite a few to start with, for example rules out Lucida Console, Arial Monospaced, Droid Sans Mono and Noto Sans Mono.

I like the letters "i", "I", "l" and the number "1" to look different too. I've dyslexia so I've also got additional preferences, so while I like sans-serif fonts normally (I detest Comic Sans), so characters need serifs on them to make them look different.

Finally something I only thought about recently are the ligatures. So some fonts have nice ligatures for programming (assuming your IDE can use them), which can make things pretty, but I don't find that they work so well on the console.

So some fonts...

Bitstream Vera Mono and DejaVu Mono - in the past I used them both as they were some of the first good quality open source fonts, and with good Unicode coverage. I don't use them much anymore.

Source Code Pro - used it for years as well as Source Sans Pro. Quite nice but I'm not using it much at the moment.

Anonymous and Anonymous Pro. I love the slash on Anonymous though it's "corrected" on Anonymous Pro. The two fonts are quite different in size, but I still have a soft sport for them even though I don't use them much now. I believe that they are inspired by Monaco.

Consolas comes with Windows and isn't bad if you have to use Windows.

Inconsolata a nice clean console font, widely available in most Linux distros.

Fira available in basic monospaced (good for a console) and a code version with fancy ligatures. I've used it quite a lot recently.

IBM PLex Mono Has a dotted 0 by default, but contains lots of options, so can be used with a slashed zero. Currently my favourite.

Can you please explain how it works, your article just says install it, and doesn't explain how you configure it. You say it has an easy interface but there doesn't appear to be any screen shots showing how easy it is.

Also how is this better than Pi-hole or dnsmasq? Can you please elaborate on what you have said?