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My first distro I ever tried was oddly the Lin4Astro, then i started using Knoppix, for while in 2007. I ve been on and of between linux and windows.
I mostly used ubuntu on a USB with persistence in internet cafes and other people's machines. It made it eadier to borrow computers from people when you tell them you don't need their OS and hard drive.
In 2013 i started using linux most of the time. In 2014 elementry was the first distro stopping me from distro hopping for a while then moved to manjaro. After that in 2015 i installed vanilla arch for the first time.
In the Q4 2015 i started looking for something special: cutting edge-ish while stable for a daily driver, independent. Simple ui while not boring.. Xfce was my favorite so far. Then i found out the blasing fast KaOS with the beautiful plasma DE. It was super awesome but lacked some important software that wasnt available as 64bit. And BOOOOM!!! Finally evolveOS came to life as Solus. And i'm in Solus now since rc4 from Dec. 2015. The longest time i eve been on a distro ever and not thinking of changing it anytime soon

Mega is no longer owned by kim.com, it's a NZ government's property now. So, it's no more considered privacy-friendly.. it's a government, all governments loves stalking your personal life