John Jeffers

Authored Comments

Very good. I got to compile uCLinux as real goods to market on RedHat back when and more recent things on OpenSuSE. Like the Start menu linux is really an O/S as a service and who puts the service in is up to you. (And yes I programmed on a Vax System V Berkley 4.2 and a Sun. But that was impossible for me to compile a Kernel)

What attracted you to Fedora? I loved gnome 2 and Kde 3 but hated a bunch of the other crazy environments.

I Really liked Kde as found in openSuSE 11.X and I really wished it had survived! Better than windows 7 Quite frankly plasma just can be a little too pretty and not as good for programming like Gnome 2 and KDE 3 which just worked!