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Eric Braswell

I'm a video editor and videographer, passionate foodie, and writer. My love of computers and the command line led me to open source software in the late 90's. Since then, I've managed to open my closed source world a little more during the day. At night, penguins rule the roost.

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Open source means choice

My introduction to open source was pure, geeky coincidence. In the late 90s I was ensconced in the Microsoft ecosystem. With the introduction of Windows, personal computer…

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I'm a fan of crowdsourcing (dah). Perhaps an opensource IP wiki could be setup where legal practitioners and litigants could share their experiences, or more specifically a thread highlighting successful legal cases in a succinct manner that a judge might consider using as a research tool. Has this been done already?

That looks like a cool piece of software. There are things I'd like to see ported to Linux as well. But I think I'm at the point of running a VM myself. Time to let Linux have this whole computer :-)