Authored Comments

This is why my first desktop computer was a Mac instead of Windows. I still use a Mac, although not as often as Linux.
Last Windows I used was Windows XP. Once Windows 7 arrived, I decided not to spend another couple of hundred dollars to upgrade for nothing since it didn't add anything to my computer usage (mostly games in Windows) except waste my precious disk space, and it didn't help that the Linux gaming was becoming decent enough.
Nowadays, Linux has everything that one can do with a computer, including games. I just feel that the floodgate of open source OS for the masses are becoming a reality very soon.

I use just a few good ones, including emacs, vim, ed and sed, and use more specialized features of each. I use vim for fast on-the-fly editing with built-in scripts to automate some complex editing steps. I use emacs for long-term editing, such as multi-lingual typesetting with embedded graphics and math formulas and other forms of documentation, as IDE for various programming languages with syntax highlighting, etc. Emacs has so many mode it's just amazing how productive you can be. The ed and sed are used for automated editing from scripts, so I don't have to interact with the file after the script runs. They all free my time so I can do more creative things.