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Georgia Bullen | Georgia Bullen is the Technology Projects Director for New America's Open Technology Institute. Georgia provides usability, planning and geospatial analytical support, as well as data visualization skills, to the OTI team and its community partnerships. In her previous work, Georgia worked on data visualization projects in the areas of social media, transportation logistics, economic geography, urban flows, and other large-scale urban issues. Her work focuses on the intersection of human-centered design, urban space, and technology – specifically, how applied technologies can improve and facilitate the urban planning process, citizen access to technology resources and data, and the information systems that people use to interact with urban environments. Georgia holds a Master of Science in urban planning from Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, and a Bachelor of Science in psychology and human-computer interaction from Carnegie Mellon. Her previous work and projects are available at

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Sure! Another great example is an issue that we've still been working on how best to resolve. We have a "Warning" label for the software, which the users see on the download page. It's a relatively standard practice in security software to warn users of what the software does and doesn't do. As part of our training documentation, we have a portion that directs users to the downloads page. In the training context, users generally seem disoriented and jarred when faced with the warning label. The important issue here is that they were guided to a page under the pretense of being able to download a file. So, stumbling across the warning label is disconcerting. One set of our team wanted to change the warning label the other set wanted to change the documentation. For this instance, the usability issue should be filed against the documentation, and we should do more research to see if it is generally an issue.

Hope this helps!