Gerald Waters

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Ok, so I read all that but had to go to your Git repository to work out that the target audience is really only for "local PHP+Node.js web development environments". As I don't do any development of web anything, this article was a waste of my time. All because you didn't bother to put those words in there somewhere. Please amend it so others don't have to do what I did. I wish you well, but sheesh, we don't all do web.

Despite its title, "OpenSource Social Network" is not clearly "Open Source" as most of us define it. In short this is because they have crafted a unique license and have not submitted it to the OSI for assessment.

Judging by their remarks when this was pointed out, I doubt they are inclined to change that situation. See…

As it stands I'm disappointed to see an article on about this software without at least a disclaimer about the license.

Ideally that project could be encouraged to find an OSI approved license that it finds suitable.