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President of the Free Software Foundation Europe since 2009. Promoting Free Software for a free society. Full-time multitasker and policy wonk.
Prior to that, researcher at the United Nations University's MERIT institute in Maastricht, Netherlands. Investigating the social and economic effects of Free Software. Exploring Free Software as a tool for social and economic development.

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Hi Jason,

Document Freedom Day is decentralised. FSFE coordinates the campaign, but doesn't control it. We're trying to get as many groups as possible to report what they're doing, and are posting the information we have on http://documentfreedom.org.

You may find it worthwhile to follow the <a href="http://blog.documentfreedom.org">DFD blog</a>. But you'll get the broadest view by checking for the #dfd2010 hashtag on identi.ca and Twitter.

If you're doing anything for DFD, we'd love to hear from you!