Greg Zeng

Authored Comments

So many years now, waiting for Linux to mature on the Desktop. Waiting now for the Appimage, Flatpak & Snap dilemma to be sorted. Hopefully Wayland will be ready one day, to handle the many new screen display options.
Meanwhile, still on Windows, like most desktop users. Android, including Chrome OS, are now appearing to challenge the main users of home & educational computers. Can Linux keep up with the accelerating changes happening in the Windows & Android worlds?

> "... When companies, the public sector, and nonprofits work together, everyone can be part of a shared solution. ... "
Lovely. Politics do not exist. Pandemic right now, and the commercial winners are winning much more now. Thank you pandemic.
Web search: "pandemic company profits".
> "Jul 30, 2020 - A day after Congress summoned the CEOs of Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook to speak, the companies reported their quarterly earnings."
Those of us working in the non-profit sectors invest in our staff. Our "graduates" then move (head hunted usually) to the big-money winners. In our very competitive world, fear and military areas are the winners.
USA's DARPA invented the internet & the digital industries. In these industries, the semi-literates on TikTok, Instagram, Netflix and Facebook are the "winners".
The expected internet revolution has yet to arrive. The current politicians hate 5G wireless communications. Political correctness is becoming tighter. Micro-aggressions are compulsory.
Google (including YouTube), Microsoft and Apple are USA-obedient companies, fighting against (bad) spy agencies.
Zoom, like TikTok, is supposedly a Chinese spy agency, but what else exists? Where is "open source"? What happened to "free speech"?
It's been less than a year since I joined & participated in our Australian Green political parties and our Universities of the Third Age. Theoretically, we old people should be rejoicing in open source & the internet. No Covid-19, no physical travel, no added accommodation expenses, smartphones, tablets and gadgets everywhere, at low cost.
In terms of social engineering, the cognition problem seems to be the demand for "punishing" the non-conformists of every type. Determine these non-conformists, the label officially, and tighten the pain against them.
When Linux decides to use street language, stop him. No more emotion, no more street terms allowed. Lets us all pretend to be nice, tolerant of everything. As we old feminists know: "The tyranny of structurelessness".