I am a young open-source research strategist and tech diversity community management specialist, developing new, and improving existing, computer-based technologies, systems, and solutions in advanced open source ecosystems. I have been working quite a while with various communities in the open-source, helping them maintain good relationships with external communities and projects, organizing meetups and events generating FOSS ecosystem, supporting the community in the outreach, creation of tools, and process with good relationships.

I am the founder of Codeuino which is an open-source social networking org. Currently, I am working with CHAOSS Project as one of the research tech writers under Google Season of Docs.

I hold a great experience in mentorship spends most of the mine time mentoring and administrating young-minded people across the globe such as an administrator in Google Summer of Code and in Google Code-In for Terasology Foundation(Codeuino), Google...

Authored Content

red pen editing mistakes

I learned from my mistake and followed a path of opportunities to contribute to open source.