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Brian Gentile brings a successful 24-year track record to Jaspersoft, helping it to become the open source business intelligence market leader, measured by product downloads, production deployments of its software, number of registered community members, and of course commercial customers. Prior to Jaspersoft, Mr. Gentile was Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Informatica Corporation, the industry-leading data integration software company, where he helped the company grow consistently and substantially. Previously, Mr. Gentile served as Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Brio Software, a leading business intelligence software provider, where he was responsible for the company’s global market position and strategy, product marketing, corporate marketing and strategic partner relationships. Prior to Brio, as a Vice President at Sun Microsystems, Brian created Sun’s first-ever worldwide Developer Relations team and helped build the Sun and Java Developer Connection Programs, which reached over 2 million active members during his tenure. And prior to Sun, Brian led Apple’s Evangelism and Developer Relations team, enabling 10,000 independent software vendors to work closely and successfully with Apple’s products and technologies.
Brian’s professional affiliations include nearly seven years as a Public Governor on the board of the Pacific Stock & Options Exchange (now owned by the New York Stock Exchange) and two years as a public member of the NYSE’s Ethics and Business Conduct Committee. Additionally, Mr. Gentile has provided founding Board member assistance for several Silicon Valley start-up ventures and currently serves as a Supervisory Board member for WCC, a Netherlands-based searching and matching technology company. Brian has earned a master of business administration degree from Arizona State University and a bachelor of science in business administration degree from the University of Arizona.

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