Jeff Triplett

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Lawrence, KS

Jeff Triplett is an open source developer and works as a software engineer, consultant, and partner at REVSYS. He is a Board of Director at The Python Software Foundation.
He occasionally blogs on his website.

Jeff joined REVSYS as an engineer in 2011. Before that, Jeff worked on Ellington CMS and Marketplace as a lead engineer at Mediaphormedia (birthday place of Django), the interactive division of The World Company in Lawrence, Kansas. Most recently, Jeff has been working with dozens of startups helping them build scalable, cloud-based, and web service-based applications for mobile devices, including mobile platforms.

Jeff worked with Django before it was officially released and is active in the Django community. He is President of the Django Events Foundation of North America (DEFNA), and has served as Chair, Co-Chair, Vice-Chair, and/or volunteered with DjangoCon US since 2014.

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