As a pioneer in the behaviors and processes of transformation, Jen has cracked the code to the language of change. As the founder of LDR21, she works with high-level leaders to transform challenges with swift, surgical precision and weaves ideal futures for a better world. Her gift to see the unseen and create bridges into the future allows her to assist others in navigating the uncharted and uncertain waters in a rapidly changing world. Jen accelerates the change process in a way that honors legacy and provides innovative sustainable results. She partners high-level leaders in the private and public sectors around the world on leadership and culture allowing her to be an integral part of creating communities of trust that are more human-centric.

Founder @ LDR21 Transformation Agency | Founding member of the Forbes Coaches Council, Deloitte alumni, The Open Organization Ambassador, and The Open Org Project Multimedia Editor.

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Open communities are living, breathing entities that grow and change. Join us as we help one evolve.
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Investing in learning agility and core capabilities is as important for the individual worker as it is for the decision-making executive. Thinking openly can get us there.
Teacher or learner?

The ability to learn and adapt quickly isn't something our hiring algorithms typically identify. But by ignoring it, we're overlooking insightful and innovative job candidates.
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Here's a 4-step, open process for making change easier—both for you and your organization.
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Profound changes are afoot. Leading your organization through them requires an open approach.

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Our community dedicated to exploring open organizational culture and design turns four years old this week.