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Jen Kelchner is a thought leader on culture, leadership, and digital transformation. She has been featured in Forbes,, Google Cloud, Red Hat, Enterprisers Project and other publications. Jen is a contributor to and is the author of several books Open Organization books and recently published Mesh - an organizational design concept and book. Jen is working on the cutting edge of organizational design, culture and building human-centric systems for a better future. Her company, LDR21, is a transformation agency that helps companies develop a clear digital transformation strategy aligned with their overall business goals and objectives.

Founder @ LDR21 | Founding member of the Forbes Coaches Council, Deloitte alumni, and an Open Organization Ambassador Emeritus | Co-Author of Mesh: a human-centric organisational design for a decentralised world

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Sam, thank you for your courage to be so vulnerable in your article. While I don't personally struggle in this way, I have several close family members who do. This actually has just helped me gain more awareness into how they are experiencing their worlds...and I thank you for it. This was a gift for me today and I know your insights will help countless folks!! <3

I am so incredibly excited by your journey and very proud of your leadership on this project!! It has been no small task I am sure. Looking forward to the remainder of the series -- and more importantly, to see the ripple effect you started!!