Jen has created pioneering adaptive schemas weaving cognitive psychology, practical experience and diverse theories into an applied language of change for optimized and sustainable transformation. She drives change conversations with high-level leaders, balancing contrasting and unusual influences together and connecting the nucleus of ideas to create wide roads for growth. Her gift to see the unseen and create bridges into the future allows her to assist others in navigating the uncharted and uncertain waters in a rapidly changing world. Jen partners leaders in the private and public sectors around the world on shaping human-centric futures today with clear action and meaningful impacts.

Co-Founder @ Interchange | Founder @ LDR21 | Founding member of the Forbes Coaches Council, Deloitte alumni, The Open Organization Ambassador, and The Open Org Project Multimedia Editor.

Authored Content

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Open communities are living, breathing entities that grow and change. Join us as we help one evolve.
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