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<cite>The largest growth of open source in schools has been the adoption of an increasing number of Web 2.0 applications. Most of these are hosted on Linux servers, running Apache and PHP. While most educators are unaware of this growing trend that does not stop them from using these resources.</cite>
mhh.. i agree with the first point, but concerning my personal experiences, open source education software (for example moodle) has become more and more famous within the last years, even for teachers or profs. Wonderful trend, I think.
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"I recently blogged about this same topic and I try to find ways to incorporate STEM into much of my work.

I applaud your willingness to wave the STEM banner and I hope you will keep this topic in front of your readers."

Dear Dan, Recently I read your article about the STEM subjects, and your opinion concerning this "fragile" subject is quite amazing (after my opinion!).

Keep your (good) work up!