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Why pay for a degree these days?

You've probably heard of MIT's OpenCourseWare program by now; or at least, you will have heard that some universities are offering versions of their courses online for free…

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Ahhhh I see where we've gone wrong. When I say geek cred, I'm talking about how much obscure anime you're into, or that you can quote from 1970s sci-fi novels. It has no bearing on professional achievements (yours sound particularly impressive). This I suppose is the crux of my argument - being really good at your job in the IT world shouldn't be considered geeky. It shouldn't be related to the ephemera of pop culture at all. Thanks for your really considered reply. Send me an email sometime! j biddle at redhat dot com.

What did I say that was offensive? I'm very curious. I also didn't mean to convey that I was offended by geekiness. The comments section here has been really interesting. So what offended you in my article? I will try to repair any misunderstanding.