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Joe Truncale is software engineer and all-around tinkerer. He's currently a Cloud Solutions Architect at Red Hat focusing on Kubernetes and OpenShift. He's spends a lot of his time crafting overly complicated solutions to comically simple problems.

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Great catch! You're correct. At the ds18b20 the VCC/Ground are connected, while its Data pin goes to the connected VCC/Data pins at the Pi.

Thanks for finding that error!

Agreed on those lessons learned.

1. I should probably add some termination/sighandling to turn off the relays as they do persist in whatever state they're set to.

2. I was running into that 85000 state really often once I added my 4th ds18b20. I ended up decreasing the resistor from 4.7kOhm to 1.0kOhm since I believe that there was too much resistance (long wires to each room) that were causing an influx of 85000 errors. Once I swapped the resistors, the errors decreased by 90% and I've come to realize that about 0.05% error rate seems to be normal.